Stethoscope icon representing medical services covered by mhealth direct membership plan


mHealth Direct is a healthcare membership plan that covers a wide scope of healthcare services, ranging from women’s health to family medicine. Whether you’re on an individual plan or you’re searching for medical services for your family, we’re sure we have you covered. Your mHealth Direct coverage plan is accessible at Memorial Regional Health locations in Steamboat Springs and Craig.

Below, you’ll learn more about exactly how much you’ll save when you enroll in an mHealth Direct membership. If you have any further questions about what you should expect from this type of healthcare coverage, give us a call today at 970-826-8378.


The following medical visits and procedures are part of the mHealth Direct plan at no cost to you:

Family Medicine

  • Annual Exams w/ Blood Work (What you save: $491 – $597)
  • Routine Office Visits (What you save: $150 – $226)
  • Same Day Care for Acute Problems (What you save: $150 and up)
  • Nebulized Breathing Treatments (What you save: $145)

Skin Care – When done at our Primary Care locations

  • Removal of Minor Lesions (What you save: $177 – $313)
  • Biopsies of Skin Growths and Moles – pathology fee not included (What you save: $211)
  • Cryotherapy and Hyfrecation for growths (What you save: $177 – $313)
  • Wart Removal (What you save: $177 – $313)

Women’s Health

  • Annual Well-Woman Exams (What you save: $621 – $727)
  • Family Planning (What you save: $150 – $226)
  • Urine Pregnancy Testing (What you save: $30)
  • Pap Smears ($85 – $165)

Minor Procedures – When done at our Primary Care locations

  • Laceration Repair – Stitches (What you save: $390 and up)
  • Joint Injections – medication cost not included (What you save: $275 – $445)
  • Electrocardiograms – EKG (What you save: $101)
  • Casting (What you save: $114 – $230)
  • Venipuncture – Lab Draw (What you save: $31)
  • Abscess Drainage (What you save: $312 – $577)


  • Sports Physicals (What you save: $50)
  • Acute Care Visits
  • Suction Clinic ($72 per visit, you save $56)

You also receive a substantial discount on these services:

  • DOT Exams (What you save: $100)
  • Colonoscopy $1500 (What you save: $500 and up)
  • IV Hydration $15 per liter (What you save: $131 – approx.)
  • Referral to an MRH Specialist – first consult is free, variable cost after that

If you have any further questions, check out our FAQ page for the answer!