Microscope icon representing lab and radiology services covered by mhealth direct membership plan


If you’re looking to save on lab and radiology services in Steamboat Springs or Craig, we suggest looking into an mHealth Direct membership plan. With this plan, you’ll receive substantial discounts on major lab and radiology services, ranging from X-rays to annual routine labs. Whether you enroll in a family or individual plan, having access to these low-cost healthcare services are essential to ensuring you stay health all year long.

Below, you can learn more about how much you’ll save in lab and radiology services when you opt to enroll in an mHealth Direct membership plan. If you have any further questions for our staff regarding this type of healthcare coverage, call us today at 970-826-8378.


The following lab and radiology services are part of the mHealth Direct plan at no cost to you:


* All Radiology reads will be billed to you by RMR.

  • X-Rays (What you save: $300)


  • Annual Labs including CBC, CMP, Lipid panel/w/LDL, TSH – once annually (What you save: $238)
  • Strep Test (What you save: $87)
  • Blood Glucose (What you save: $62)
  • Urinalysis (What you save: $63)
  • Flu Test
  • RSV Test

You also receive a substantial discount on these services:


* Radiology Reads are not included. You will receive a bill from RMR

  • ECG: $78 (What you save: varies)
  • MRI: $780 (What you save: $1,439 – $2,753)
  • CT: $598 (What you save: $807 – $2,162)
  • Ultrasound – not venous doppler: $182 (What you save: $468 – $1,330, non-OB only)
  • Screening Mammogram: $156 (What you save: $250)
  • Stress Test: $312


  • INR: $10 (What you save: $42)
  • Hemoglobin A1c: $20 (What you save: $19)
  • Vitamin D Lab: $40 (What you save: $148)
  • Vitamin B12: $20 (What you save: $134)
  • Colon Cancer Screening: $30 (What you save: $13)

Have any further questions? See if you can find the answer on our FAQ page!