mHealth Direct for Individuals

Get easy access to healthcare services in Craig and Steamboat Springs with our affordable membership plan.


Your direct connection to local, low-cost healthcare.

At Memorial Regional Health, we understand that healthcare is expensive and insurance isn’t always affordable. Insurance plans and doctor’s visits can cost a fortune for individuals, leading many to either skip out on important check-ups or bail on finding healthcare solutions that work best for them.

That’s why we created mHealth Direct — a month-to-month membership plan for individuals that provides obtainable access to a healthcare professional when you need it most. Think of a gym membership, but for healthcare.

Benefits of mHealth Direct

Your access to healthcare has never been easier. With an mHealth Direct membership, you’ll reap the benefits of a realistic, low-cost healthcare plan, whether you’re a college student, young professional, empty nester or simply someone who’s looking for an affordable healthcare option.

  • A month-to-month membership plan for access to local, low-cost healthcare.

  • Option to cancel at any time.

  • Fewer sick days and lost income from work.

  • For college students: Fewer sick days and lost information from class.

  • Opportunity to see a healthcare professional when symptoms of common conditions are first present (instead of waiting until they worsen).

  • Ability to be proactive with annual physicals and health exams.

  • Access to Rapid Care, our walk-in clinics located in Steamboat and Craig with convenient hours (7:30 am to 7:30 pm, Monday through Saturday).

  • Access to pharmacy discount cards, free delivery services and soon drive-through services at our Craig and Steamboat pharmacies.

  • A healthy lifestyle all year long!

Have any further questions regarding mHealth Direct? Still not sure if this healthcare option is the best fit for your situation? No worries — check out the answers to our frequently asked questions here.

When is mHealth Direct useful?

mHealth Direct is meant to help individuals in their times of need — not punish them for getting sick. There are multiple scenarios where you could benefit from this type of healthcare membership plan, including the following:

  • If you don’t have health insurance or any type of access to healthcare.
  • If you have a health insurance plan with a high deductible.
  • You want to avoid paying costly copays or deductibles.
  • You don’t receive health insurance or healthcare from your employer.
  • You’re in between jobs or in a waiting period for healthcare.
  • You want local, low-cost healthcare services in addition to your current health insurance plan.
  • For college students: You’re off your parent’s health insurance plan and need an affordable solution.
  • And more!

This complete healthcare solution is the perfect fit for several individuals in the Craig and Steamboat Springs area. If you have any questions about mHealth Direct, feel free to contact our team at 970-826-8378 before deciding on this healthcare membership plan. We’ll be more than happy to assist you!

What’s Covered in Your Membership

You don’t need to avoid the doctor’s office or procrastinate scheduling your yearly exams anymore.

With an mHealth Direct membership, you will receive access to no-cost primary care, affordable pharmacy medications and discounted lab and radiology services that could save you hundreds of dollars. On top of that, your first visit with a specialist is covered under this healthcare membership plan.

Our membership plans are available to individuals of all ages, but you cannot be currently enrolled or planning to enroll in Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare.

Take advantage of unlimited office visits without any deductibles or copays — all for one monthly fee. Ready to get started? Sign up for an mHealth Direct membership today!


*mHealth Direct is not health insurance and cannot be used for hospitalizations, emergency treatments, specialty procedures and other services that are typically covered by a more in-depth health insurance plan. We advise that all mHealth Direct members combine their memberships with some form of medical or health insurance plan.