Do you have any questions or concerns about our mHealth Direct membership plans? Our team at Memorial Regional Health strives to assist you in any way that we can, especially when it comes to helping you determine if our local, low-cost access to healthcare can best benefit you.

Check out some of our frequently asked questions below, and if you still find yourself with any unanswered questions, feel free to contact us today for more information.

General mHealth Direct Questions

Q: What is “Direct Primary Care?”

A: “Direct Primary Care” means for a low monthly fee, you have full access to primary care. The physician and the practice will not bill your insurance for care.

While this is a big change for many patients, it has many advantages. Removing the middleman (insurance) from primary care makes it affordable for most patients — sometimes less than the cost of an average cell phone or cable plan. Multiple problem visits, shorter waits and flexible office hours means less time lost from work or family.

Direct Primary Care is NOT insurance and patients are strongly encouraged to have insurance coverage for emergencies and large medical expenses. Many patients and employers find a lower cost, higher deductible insurance plan works well with direct care and saves them more than the price of a direct primary care membership.

Q: Is a Direct Primary Care clinic beneficial for me even if I don’t see the doctor often? Why would I want to pay for service all year long? 

A: We believe having a familiar, trusting relationship with your primary doctor is important — even when you are well. We offer numerous services to help our members improve their health and prevent future illness.

Our staff thinks the reason a lot of patients don’t go to their doctor often is because the experience can be painful and expensive.  Who really wants to explain why they need to see the doctor to a receptionist on the telephone? Who wants to wait for a week (or three) for an appointment? Who wants to sit in a lobby for a half-hour reading an out-of-date Newsweek magazine? And if you make it through that, who wants to see a frazzled physician who’s already 20 minutes behind schedule for 7 minutes, and then receive a bill that’s too high 3 months later?

We think if it were easier, less expensive, more private and less of a hassle to regularly see a doctor, patients wouldn’t be so hesitant — that’s the beauty of an mHealth Direct Care membership. We hope this helps patients feel comfortable talking to their doctors about their issues whenever necessary, rather than when they’re only feeling miserable.

Q:  How does mHealth Direct Care work with pre-existing conditions?

A:  At mHealth Direct, we welcome patients with pre-existing conditions. After applying for your membership, we’ll provide you with a patient questionnaire that one of our providers or physicians will review. If we have any questions for you about your particular condition(s) or otherwise, we’ll contact you before your registration is fully processed.

Q:  Is there a long-term contract for an mHealth Direct Care membership?

A:  No. Patients have the option to cancel at any time with no cancellation fee. However, for fees you’ve already paid, we will not provide a refund for those fees. If you opt to re-enroll in the future, you will still have to pay a re-enrollment fee.

Q:  Can I have an mHealth Direct Care membership if I am covered by Medicare or Medicaid?

A:  No.

Q:  Can I have access to specialists with an mHealth Direct membership?

A: With mHealth Direct, your first consult with any of our specialists is covered. After that, all appointments, surgeries and follow-up care are billed to your insurance. We also offer $1,500 colonoscopies.

Q:  Are imaging and pathology services included in this membership plan?

A: With mHealth Direct, we offer discounted cash prices for all imaging services, and X-rays are included at no cost. ALL RADIOLOGY READS ARE NOT COVERED. YOU WILL RECEIVE A BILL FROM THE RADIOLOGIST GROUP AFTER YOUR INSURANCE ON FILE IS BILLED.


FAQs About Insurance

Q: If I don’t have health or medical insurance, can I still sign up for an mHealth Direct membership plan?

A: Yes! While we do recommend our patients have health insurance to provide for catastrophic coverage of severe events such as hospitalization, emergency treatment, and specialty procedures and treatments, we do not require you to have insurance to subscribe to one of our mHealth Direct memberships. In fact, many of our patients don’t have insurance but still have an mHealth Direct membership for access to affordable healthcare services.

Q:  How does mHealth Direct work with medical insurance?

A:  You could have the best health insurance coverage and still not have access to a high-quality doctor — or let alone find a reliable doctor you trust. That’s where we come in.

When you pair a lower cost, higher deductible insurance plan with our mHealth Direct Care membership, you can save a noteworthy amount on your monthly health insurance premiums while still reaping the benefits of all our healthcare services. On top of that, you avoid insurance deductibles, co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses when you take advantage of your mHealth Direct Care membership.

Feel free to reach out to one of our staff members to discuss your specific situation and see if a membership plan is a viable healthcare option for you.

Q:  Is an mHealth Direct Care membership the same as having health insurance?

A:  No. mHealth Direct membership plans are not health insurance. Having a membership with mHealth Direct Care is similar to having a gym membership — you’re paying a monthly fee for unlimited access to the healthcare services we offer for our patients, but how much you actually use it is entirely up to you.

We like to remind our patients with an mHealth Direct Care membership that they are NOT covered for third-party services, such as emergency room visits,  hospitalizations and other healthcare related services that are typically covered by a more in-depth health insurance.

As always, we recommend our patients have some sort of sufficient health insurance to meet their individual needs that are beyond the services we offer under our membership plans.

Q:  If I am currently in a managed care healthcare plan, may I sign up for an mHealth Direct Care membership as well?

A: Yes. The fee you pay for an mHealth Direct Care membership provides you with the specified primary care offered through Memorial Regional Health, regardless of your health insurance or managed care plan.

Keep in mind that your managed care or health maintenance organization (HMO) may refuse to pay for any goods or services that aren’t ordered by one of their providers.

FAQs About Cost

Q:  How much does it cost to be a member of mHealth Direct?

A:  Here’s a quick and easy breakdown of what you can expect to pay per month when you sign up for an mHealth Direct Care Membership at Memorial Regional Health:

  • Individual Fee, under 50: $69
  • Individual Fee, over 50: $89
  • Couple Fee, under 50: $128
  • Couple Fee, over 50: $168
  • Dependent Child Fee (under 18): $5 per child

Q: If I need lab work completed, will those services be expensive?

A:  Probably not. Lab and radiology services are included in the mHealth Direct Care membership. Some lab and radiology services don’t have costs associated with them and you’ll receive a substantial discount on others.

Learn more about specific lab and radiology savings you’ll reap from an mHealth Direct Care membership here.

Q: Are X-rays expensive under the mHealth Direct Care membership?

A: No. X-rays are actually included in your membership fee with no additional cost to you. All radiology reads will be billed to you by RMR, and you’ll save about $300 on an X-ray when you have an mHealth Direct plan.

Q: Are expensive radiology tests, such as an MRI or a CT scan, covered under an mHealth Direct plan?

A: We offer time of service pricing to our patients, and when done at MRH, you can get an MRI or a CT for as low as $780 or less. Suddenly, that CT scan you had on your belly last summer in the ER that costed $4,500 sounds a little pricey, doesn’t it?

Q: Are services with a healthcare specialist expensive?

A: Not at all! In fact, with an mHealth Direct plan, your first consultation with a specialist is free! Every appointment or procedure you schedule from there on out will be substantially discounted.

FAQs For Employers

Q: I’m a small business owner; can mHealth Direct help our small business?

A: Absolutely! We are happy to partner with both small and large businesses. We offer high-quality healthcare services to your employees that save them time away from work waiting at the doctor’s office.

Businesses using mHealth Direct Care tell us their employees really value the accessibility to care, which reduces sick days and lost time while increasing productivity and job satisfaction. Please contact us today if you’re a business owner and would like to learn more.

FAQs For Families

Q:  Can just my child have an mHealth Direct Care membership?

A:  Children who do not have an accompanying adult membership will be charged the same registration fee and monthly membership fee as an individual adult under the age of 50 ($69 as opposed to $5 with an accompanying adult membership).