mHealth Direct for Businesses & Organizations

Put the health of your employees first with our affordable healthcare memberships.


Your employees’ direct connection to local, low-cost healthcare.

When it comes to running a business, you’ve got a lot on your plate that you need to worry about — your customers/clients, general budgets, your competitors, and most importantly, your employees. Memorial Regional Health wants to help alleviate at least one of those stresses for you.

Give your business or organization a leg up on the current job market and put your employees’ health first with our local, low-cost healthcare solution.

We recently launched mHealth Direct, which is a month-to-month healthcare membership plan that gives your employees easy access to healthcare services in Craig and Steamboat Springs. Think of a gym membership, but for healthcare.

Why mHealth Direct?

As a business owner, you understand the importance of attracting and retaining good employees. One way you can do this is by offering competitive benefits to your employees, including healthcare coverage. But we understand that for most businesses and organizations, offering health insurance benefits can be expensive and cost-prohibitive.

mHealth Direct provides an affordable solution that allows you to offer low-cost healthcare benefits to your employees without having to pay expensive insurance premiums. Your employees will reap many benefits from this healthcare membership plan, whether they’re single or have a family.

Here are some other benefits mHealth Direct could offer your local business or organization:

  • Access to a less expensive option to insurance that allows you to offer competitive healthcare benefits to your employees.

  • Fewer sick days for your employees, meaning less lost productivity and lost revenue for your business or organization.

  • No need to call in additional labor to cover employees who are out sick.

  • Healthcare benefits for your employees’ children (if applicable).

  • Giving your prospective employees easy access to pre-employment physicals and worker’s comp services.

  • Convenient employee access to Memorial Regional Health’s Rapid Care walk-in clinics in Steamboat and Craig (open 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, Monday through Saturday).

  • Healthier and happier employees all year long!

This complete healthcare solution is changing the lives of local individuals and could be the perfect fit for your employees. If you have any further questions about mHealth Direct and how this healthcare membership plan could work with your business or organization, please feel free to contact us today at 970-826-8378.

You can also check out the answers to our frequently asked questions here.

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What’s Covered in Your Employees’ Membership:

The monthly business membership fees for an mHealth Direct plan are listed to your left. You can choose to pay all or a percentage of the monthly fee with your employee, picking up the balance. Prices also include discount pharmacy cards for your employees that can be used at any Memorial Regional Health pharmacy in Steamboat or Craig.

Your employees will have access to multiple healthcare services that are provided at Memorial Regional Health locations, ranging from family medicine to minor procedures.

With an mHealth Direct membership, your employees will receive most primary care services at no cost to them as well as substantial discounts on lab and radiology services. They’ll also receive pharmacy discount cards that provide access to generic medications at affordable price points. Whether your employees don’t have health insurance at all or need to find a way to “fill the gap” of their high-deductible insurance, mHealth Direct aims to make healthcare more obtainable.

Ensure those who work for your business or organization stay healthy year-round and offer them access to unlimited office visits without any deductibles or copays.


*mHealth Direct is not health insurance and cannot be used for hospitalizations, emergency treatments, specialty procedures and other services that are typically covered by a more in-depth health insurance plan. We advise that all mHealth Direct members combine their memberships with some form of medical or health insurance plan.